Monday, November 28, 2011

Apple iPad vs Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle battles up against Apple's Ipad 2

       With the growing trend in tablets just about every  top brand company has their own version of a tablet. With the release of Amazon's Kindle Fire it makes it a real battle to decide which tablet is right for you if you are comparing it to the widely known Apple iPad. Here is a quick look at the two tablets and how they compare to each other.
If you are looking for an inexpensive tablet, the Kindle Fire is just the perfect price when you compare it next to the iPad. At an eye catching price of $199 it beats the the iPad by saving nearly $300. That is a deal that can't be passed up unless you can afford to cough up the money during this recession. Along with the savings you don't have to pay extra for the monthly fees that are applicable to the Apple Ipad 3G. This will definitely keep money in your pocket.
     When you compare the size of the screen's it is without doubt that the iPad 10" has Kindle Fire's 7" screen beat. Kindle can fit easier in the palm of your hands but it is not optimized to cater to the tech savy person that is intersted in a bigger screen for viewing movies or showing presentations to a small crowd. One unique feature that Kindle does not have is the built in camera that its rival has. This won't be much of a difference if you use it for the basic use of reading and surfing the web.
  Google Android  vs. Apple iOS 
The software that is used with Amazon's Kindle is a simple version of Google Android. With only 8g of storage the Kindle may seem to be at a disadvantage compared to the 16g of storage on the Apple's iPad. However, with the use of Amazon cloud you can use 5g of free storage online to back up music, photos and videos. Apps can be found on the Amazon Appstore and provide you with Netflix, Pandora and of course Amazon Kindle Bookstore. Apples App store has more apps to chose from but certain ones have a price if you are willing to pay. You can surf the web with both tablets and Amazon Silk Web Browser combined with Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) makes it a fast browser.
    Considering the price, basic function and the use of Amazon Cloud make it a winner. Predicting if Amazon Kindle Fire may have a camera integrated in future models, it will really give Apple iPad a run for its money. Overall the Amazon Kindle Fire may be the next "Fire" in tablets.   See Amazon's New Kindle Fire vs. Apple iPad 2 Tablet (16GB, Wifi,) NEWEST MODEL

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