Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Amazon may have sold over 5 Million Kindle's in Q4

 With the revealed sales of Amazon's Kindle it is expected that they have sold well over 5 Million Kindle's by the end of fourth quarter of 2011. The kindle fire has many people hyped up and making it affordable for everyone that has a need for a tablet. Watch the hands on review of Amazon's Kindle Fire and see why this sleek tablet has done so well in sales.


 The price of a Amazon Kindle Fire is not bad at considering the performance compared to the well known iPad. The iPad has the Kindle beat with its screen size and front and rear camera. That is not to say that future Kindle models will soon have a camera. However, considering the side by side comparison it is obvious to see why the Kindle Fire is doing so well in sales, with an estimated 5 million sold by the end of the year.

The Kindle Fire has a very nice screen size and very competitive with the iPad. Screen Resolution gives it very crisp and clear display which is perfect for reading books that are available through Amazon Kindle. The Unlimited storage is also great and very nifty so you don't have to purchase additional storage for your eBooks.

In summary if you are really looking for a great tablet that is affordable with great value for the money and performs up to par with the iPad, you should consider Amazon's Kindle Fire. If you would like more information about Amazon Kindle Fire click here.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top Christmas 2011 Gift Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner! A little bit more than 2 weeks away and the Christmas will be here. This year there has been a huge increase with online shopping. Why? For one it is convenient and many stores are offering many deals exclusively for purchase online and some stores are offering free shipping. If you plan to shop online but don't know what to get, whether you are shopping for the hottest toy for a young child or the coolest gadget for your brother, here is a guide to the Top Christmas gifts that you can impress them with.

2011 Coolest Electronics
This past year many cool electronic toys came out for adults such as the Kindle Fire, which has some heat that Apple Ipad can't stand. It has some very cool features, beside being an eReader it allows you to surf the web, download apps and play games including Pandora for you music lovers. Even though you can only get it in 8g, Kindle has Amazon cloud to facilitate with additional storage for photos, music, and eBooks. Which is better suited for you? Apple Ipad or Kindle

Apple iPhone 4 was launched and made a killing in sales. Its sleek and slim design makes it a very elegant looking smart phone. The front facing camera allows video chat with Facetime and makes communication with your loved ones. The newest feature is the use of SIRI, to help you get things done faster it is a voiced activated application to manage your phone.

LeapFrog Learning Tablet is a very neat learning tool for the little ones. It is aimed for ages 4-9 and the most important highlight of this cool gaming system is it is designed to improve your children's education. It allows parents to monitor and track their children's learning progress. Many of the education games that are provided help increase the child's learning skills in math, reading, science and geography. The motion detecter and microphone make the games more fun to interact by allowing tilt motion and shaking for most games.

Xbox 360 with Kinect came out with one of the coolest games that is fun for the entire family. Just Dance 3 makes family night a whole lot fun. Show off your dance moves without the use of a controller. You can get more fun games available for seperate purchase. With Kinect you are sure to have fun by keeping your family on their toes, laughing, jumping and having a great nite out in the family room.

These are a few of the items that hott for the holidays, you can also check out this page with Amazon's top gifts ====> 2011 Hottest Gift Ideas for Christmas. Happy Shopping.

A few pointers about online shopping
  • Shop around. Be sure to check all Amazon links, you might find the same product for less money.
  • Read reviews. Some products already have thousands of reviews from people all over the world and can be very informative.
  • Find out what kind of warranty the product has. Buy things that will last, or will be replaced for free if something happens to it.
  • Buy from well known websites. Most of the time, the better known sites will have better sales, better customer service, and are all around